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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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particular sunday evening live from moscow it saw a review of the weekend the top stories in russia blocks u.s. measures against the syrian government saying foreign intervention police spot more civil wars in the region now the speculation about who could be next the sinking of the violence and go from the arab world. going to duffy son of three grandsons of reportedly been killed in a nato air strike on tripoli for to say it seriously undermines the alliances and systems but it's protecting civilians not targeting the thick. brush as police
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strike at a group of terror targets in the south of the country among those killed two high ranking militant wards with links to al qaeda. and people across the world sort of right work in solidarity day trade unions as well as political parties and youth movements are taking the opportunity to express the. next to get an exclusive insight into the unrest in the middle east and north africa in our special interview. before the zero for our guest today is the president of the republic of yemen ali up to last only mr president please tell us your opinion as to what caused the current crisis in yemen i'm more could have happened behind the scenes. the crisis in yemen did not occur today back in two thousand and six after the
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presidential election differences emerge between the general people's congress party or parties of the united opposition as the fact that the election had been transparent and fair and how they monitored by international observers who reaffirmed it had been fair the opposition considered it undemocratic and did not accept its result of discontent was first peaceful but then it grew along with criticism and rallies the events in tunisia and egypt due to the coverage of a number of satellite t.v. channels first of all how does era reverse a situation upside down when covering those events in tunisia egypt and bahrain channel called them the chaos of wrath so did the united opposition parties civil unrest growing day by day demonstrations blockading of roads disruptions in the livery of gas all products from red exploded all pipelines that was used by the opposition to aggravate the crisis the population on the contrary expressed its discontent about the growing chaos and unrest but not the disruptions in gas
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supplies delivery simpson's demanded that the blockade of roads and infringements of law and order should be stopped now those individuals who get together on the cheating square not the change square and nothing else of the lowest layers of society according to the law my term expires in twenty thirteen i agreed to step down in twenty eleven so as to put an end to chaos and standoff in society until a normal life and you miss thought and this intense thought that day the opposition parties don't agree they don't need order now as for the initiatives of the persian gulf countries their mediation in visit is the creation of a government of national unity to consist of representatives and opposition parties and the general people's congress and its supporters we agree to that as that would lessen the crisis however the opposition illinois based media. nation there are certain political terms and security terms first of all it's about street protests
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they should be discontinued and criminals should be passed on to justice rebellions in some parts of the army should be stopped and the military officials should surrender to the authorities and leave the country and also concerned civilians who have committed crimes during the protests they should surrender i am not mentioning any names but they are known you need steve of the persian gulf countries represents a consistent system of images we should be either fully accepted or fully denied one can agree to one provision and disagree to another at a puzzle to jump between provisions on our part we have to listen interested and are ready to sign it with one condition however it does not concern the contents of the initiative of the mediators a certain mediating country is involved in a conspiracy against dark country and is being in constant touch with the opposition and its financing the crisis is countries qatar today its eyes financing the chaos enormous and yemen syria egypt and perhaps all over the arab world they
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have lots of money and they are small population so they simply don't know how to spend all that money they want to be a significant country though in the persian gulf and in the region in general the latter end there using the al-jazeera t.v. channel as you may know many presenters of this channel have resigned following their disagreement of the policy of the state or the channel lost its professionalism and responsibility its managers of income mongers and provocateurs for the whole of the arab world as well as some european countries that we regret i am stating that this country has become involved in a conspiracy i mean. so we are not going to sign the initiative if guitar is present all the foreign ministers of the cooperation council of the arab states of the gulf suited us as mediators in resolving the crisis except at all the money from that country as polls about chaos unrest and bloodshed in yemen we do value human blood we are sorry that that country became part of
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a conspiracy not only in yemen all over the arab world. the opposition in yemen says you first agreed to accept the initiative of the gulf countries then you speak about constitutional legalities and your right to remain a turk or so until twenty thirty nine are you linking your possible stepping down from the reports to the need for achieving an accord i've been issued two of the gulf countries or are there other scenarios are mechanisms ok embedded are. we going to accept the initiative first of all for the sake of avoiding bloodshed in the country and return the situation in to its natural course in the economy in politics that is why we accepted the initiative although it does contain signs of an unconstitutional. provisions being indeed implemented it will hail it should however be implemented selectively will reject it as strongly as we possibly can any way we did except all its provisions and signed it now it's time to bring it to
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life i do hope and foreign ministers of the arab states in the persian gulf work out a mechanism that will enable this agreement to come to life sophistry president when do you think it will be more expedient to transfer your power and what you think of your political future after you resign. as for power transfer i agree to what has been proposed in the initiative of the gulf countries i have absolutely no objections in this respect as a my political future i can say that i will remain chairman of the general people's congress party i will be busy with our political work in the party until the next congress when a new leadership is elected. are you going to once a politics again i mean will you strive for power but i know i am not the question of power is over for me in any form i'm not going to stay out of president i will still remain chairman of the party i created in nineteen eighty two so i may leave the party only when a new leadership is elected the opposition accuses you of clamping down on
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demonstrations and of using. excess of power what can you say in reply. it's not you it's them who exactly countenance and bring unrest on security forces have no instructions from the authorities to use force on the country and national defense council decided to absolutely use of force the opponents on the contrary are using force and weapons that govern. how do you assess the positions of regional players of international organizations and of superpowers towards the current crisis. first of all i would like to thank russia for its constructive stansell u.n. security council as far as regional players in western countries are concerned they're putting out feelers and viewing various options of possible further developments they're trying to determine who is coming next actually they behave in such a way as if everything were decided upon and the power had been transferred to the
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opposition the opposition has not yet gain power there is a wide range of political forces in the majority is on the side of the general people's congress our opponents reject the idea of holding presidential and parliamentary elections as they are aware they will be able to gain a majority proposal and to hold alternative presidential and parliamentary elections our opponents however are against holding any elections as a matter of fact we are having an unconstitutional who they are trying to foist onto us their projects and they are against the constitutional transfer of power and twenty thirteen we're even ready to agree to their projects so as to avoid bloodshed although all these projects are unconstitutional some countries of the region and some within countries cannot live at least tendencies currently seen in the so-called new middle east it is this a controlled chaos and oreos are painful it is enough to have a look at what is going on in egypt tunisia and other countries cannot be told
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otherwise in a plot against the region that's what i believe fanatic and they would stoop to any some political forces so grains of hatred and revenge are trying to do whatever they can so as to gain power at any cost they consider power as a means for profit or not a heavy burden society in yemen is splits it's hard to tell which side has a majority for example the actions of your former supporter general how are you more certain or what is the of are you sure of his actions are such spirits posing a danger for yemen's future and its territorial integrity. he came over to the rebel side having witnessed all this to mount in the university he saw people speaking out proclaiming revolutionary slogans dancing he decided the regime would very soon fool decided to join the young rebels in order to save his own skin he's part of the regime is easy for the rebels to save himself. the man living i am
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speaking on behalf of russia's media could you share your opinion about the relations between russia and yemen as well as their prospects for under your rule or under another government but their. only relations or long tradition is based on mutual interests friendships and agreements are not going to be affected it's to russia's position in the un security council is ample proof of that it was a positive well balanced position the whole of the yemeni people respect it. for them and to sum it up then what would you tell the united of position forces and the yemeni youth movement. the youth movement consists of young people who are members of the united a position itself there on our side i would like to tell your position the following it turns a dialogue mutual understanding and reconciliation the interests of the yemeni state are superior to all the parties and political interests i'm appealing to you
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for a mutual understanding a fair and frank dialogue you cannot incite people to protests or you remain indoors yourself all the leaders opposition parties don't go out of their homes even early most in alomar as cosily been in a military compound without being able to go home for lunch because he is afraid of going outside let's have a dialogue for the sake of the interests of the whole country these interests are above all this is what i would say to the opposition. this time i saw the jackets. printed five years ago of the entire fifty thousand population over ukrainian town a preview of what they are acquainted with the three hours. plus now which was to
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to coop. but some stories subpoenaing commodity russia blocks you and measures against the syrian government so far as. eventually spot war civil wars in the region another speculation about who could be next to sink into the violent single for the arab world. this is kind of gadhafi saddam three grandsons have reportedly been killed in a nato air strike on tripoli critics say it's seriously in the minds of the alliance's inconsistence that it's protecting civilians not targeting gadhafi. russia's police strike at a group of terror targets in the south of the country among those killed are two
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high ranking militant warlords with links to al qaida. people across the world celebrate workers solidarity day trade unions as well as political parties and youth movements taking the opportunity to express themselves. twenty to forty five feet of moscow which is hopeless coffee now. well most of the horses they could be with us in the start where the headlines. must improve russia's struggles of a first winner of the world ice hockey championships of entry overcome slovenia six four. even from the from reigning champions the needs are held to a goal a strong see cross is still very clear of the top of the table. breaking
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as dogmeat wind up a dingo find against spurs winning the two thousand and eleven season in a victory communicate openly. and simply the best lead westwood wins would valentine's championship by one shot his status as culture world number one. the start of ice hockey where russia buying from back to nil defeat to germany in the open of the two thousand and eleven world championships of vo and very unconvincing fashion challenge is running out i'm not sure tougher than expected win of the slovenia in group a russia seems to be the only pulling away its big trains they want to force a lot of goals in the space of a minute serve in the third period i was serving in the head banked level of the scoreboard for your late goals from alexander of the world and said he is in all the of the russian teams blushes as for the second month in a row which is probably because many failed to impress no such problems go over the limbic champions canada until the gold medalists easing into an all in one rushing
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of bronze to make it two wins out of two for. the ball and premier league leaders eads failed to get all three points as page three against newly promoted i've seen the defending champions not just one point ahead of look at my t.v. at the top of the table that was the home side who had the first good chance of a game. however precious while i'm awfully doing very well to annoy you from joke which. is in need stop i was once again cold interaction stunned by this long range efforts. to the john business best chance of the game spellbound efforts. speeds away by giving up all of. us and held on to claim a deserved point needs table but that's the point i'm looking for in second place. earlier in the day one woman based on one point against palestra was i'm called to
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one of the heads of one from behind the stage leaving the home side to lead the circle of some people something one want to see a replay about one in a hurry this is one level just trying to break. it's going to jump on the back of the net it's. just three minutes off to be into a lot mongolia shaved his second side a bunch of free points points drawing. on the table of the one no winner but i solved the protocol of splitting the only goal of the game from a penalty spoilt to fifty seven minutes. is even better than no chance it's a place called pig. stall for a charge valiantly to try and find an equalizer. to no avail as on g point games about the fate of. time to create so the odds of one of the
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top two to draw against will be at home saw it from some are coming from behind twice to draw level these are also very happy age. well on saturday sports i must go and it says girls unbeaten start of the season but late one. the nature of the vision the stadium the victory for young men what sent them to the top of the table however in a game of very few chances are the only goal of the game stroman its time. brazilian audi scoring its first goal of the season a point. there. it's a vital first win of the campaign for red wines are in full by may be carping still picking the team. despite resigning as manager has called for start the season. across the council committee must go on i'm just going behind the needs three one
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win for our prize for one side would give it a six minute open after my common descent to misplaced ron paul's. reach each having an impressive second now. it's seven minutes from time lets you know why or able to go back into the impressive strike to one to the home side is how it finished the distance with an outspoken the low point was gone done basically in first place. unfunny terry claimed a much needed one no victory at homes of old. so when both you and me that's in the winner of the minutes to go to the second win of the season with the inside. goals in place. the home side had a chance to extend their lead later on. this very strong chance. well over in england the title race has been blown wide
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open all the arsenal beat munched united by golds and held me in the red devils and leave the premier league by just three points from second place chelsea are in rumsey got the only goal of the game on the six minutes this welshman finished off the world move chelsea bow could draw level on points with united they managed to win it all. this time next week earlier ten man bernie and they drew with wolves in their relegation old finds they move up to fifteen but the standings. are in deep trouble languishing in nineteenth liverpool meanwhile confidently defeated newcastle must remain rooted to the bottom of the table a lot to lose into one of these loans and undercity strengthened their grip on the final champions league spot. so it's a nickel i love again because for anyone his first tournament of two thousand and eleven he'd be in favor of florian mire three sets of munich open the russian side of well while sealing the first six games the free german opponent though it might
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well to take the second by the same school lines and of my actions will decide oh the davydenko has dropped to thirty nine in the world rankings stepped up a gear to the loss of just one game still victory but need to go up and for the second time in his career. the worst were fired a flawless five in the past final round of sixty seven to win the balland science championship in south korea and to retain his status as golds world number one american dustin johnson enjoyed mixed fortunes this birdie the ninth one of seeds set free drop shots to leave him. korea's son. plays the style of sumptuous chip of the final hole gave him an evil free to leave him on the under par. well as he was forced to settle for second after missing a birdie chance in the eighteen. to drift while this was final birdie came at last
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to leave him on twelve under the top five finish also meaning the thirty eight year old englishman out of a lot of pain in the rankings. so much as well where danny put. the reigning motor g.p. champion to win the portuguese graeme free of first time ever in any cause popular enzo a close second and cereal for the by the two thousand and seven champion. stoner a pair of spaniard swans homes from the very beginning with the broad shattering the pulse is now my heart for most of the race. the twenty five year old finally made his move for free lance remaining how it is when the finish line. was swapped to shorten his fifth consecutive is the real big three this compound first win of the season losses new teammate cases turner the last spot on the podium still see lorenzo the way also. points behind. finally the wall of nascar from a japanese martial arts akihito was on
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a visit to moscow last weekend to share his knowledge with russian followers about their new un went along to meet him. if you wonder just what i kid is all girls here is the man to ask the japanese martial art because as simple but as he can get at the hands of the world's top some say they're on the. bike ito you can even force furrows to make friends. dipping into his best pool of knowledge russian mission can make it a practitioner's have been deniable gains from the japanese during his recent most eclipse and must go on the search under the sensei has got the unique fourteen year experience of being a student of the year seeing can i keep finder good so she order his skills are close to perfection there's no one else in the world who can demonstrate and change
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any technique better than him he's undoubtedly the world's top i.q. or your she encounters right now. by key these are rare and effect for a martial art that doesn't teach offensive weeks softness and accuracy coming before power and strength a clear mind and perfect balance will work wishing i did like ito's a carnival of self-improvement that's the point of a kido so make friends with people you know fight them it's not about rivalry but co-operation with each other there are very many different martial arts but all of them have a single primary goal in common peace and harmony between people countries and all over the globe as the main meaning of life is to live it in peace although living in peace has nothing to do with witness all of moves in the clique supply in a kid resembles swarth boy with a book can
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a wooden sward being an essential part of training to nail on the proving that in the hands of wood through a cue to muster a sward. it comes twice as efficient. what differs you from going from the rest of like it is styles is the severity of training and strictness techniques that opposed to perfection never heading and then points even for under something. study like ito my life since i was at university it helps me fall to find myself will feel i still have something to learn i'm still far from perfection if you look at. the words of a man holding the age done initially guy kadir one of the greatest martial artists on the planet of president robert carlin on artsy. writer of the day it's also called coming up in around the time such and r.t. what us coming up next.
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